Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Are timesheets available online?
  • A. We can't accept completed timesheet online yet, but we are working on it!  You can download blank timesheets [ HERE ]
  • Q. When will I be paid?
  • A. Normally Friday.
  • Q. My name, address, national insurance number or other details are incorrect on my payslip. How do I get this changed?
  • A. Address and Bank details may be changed online, please refer any other changes to your local branch of The Best Connection. Deadlines for submitting an address or bank details change must be completed by Wednesday 11am for the change to take effect for Friday payment.
  • Q. My payslip says I have been paid holiday pay, but the hours paid do not seem enough?
  • A. Any annual leave will be paid at a rate of an average day's pay for each day of leave, your average day’s pay will be calculated based on a reference period of the previous 52 weeks, or the number of complete weeks for which you have worked, if less than 52 weeks. The length of a day will be calculated pro-rata
    as 1/5 of the average hours worked over the last 52 weeks. Click HERE for more information on how it is calculated
  • Q. I have been away sick from work, I was expecting statutory sick pay but it seems low?
  • A. Subject to qualification, statutory sick pay is only paid on the fourth day of sickness; the first 3 days are waiting days and are unpaid.
  • Q. There is a deduction on my payslip for pension, I didn’t agree to this or want it?
  • A. As an Employer we have to auto-enrol people into a workplace pension scheme, it is the law. You can opt-out, but this has to be done within 4 weeks of your first deduction. After the first deduction has been made you will receive a welcome pack from Nest, your options will be detailed in that pack.
  • Q. Why am I not paying into a workplace pension?
  • A. Our workplace pension is postponed for three months. Once this period has elapsed you will be auto-enrolled, subject to qualifying conditions.
  • Q. I seem to be paying a lot of tax, why is this?
  • A. When you commence work you should hand in your P45 from your previous employer, this will mean we can carry on your tax code and pay record. If you do not have this, you can fill in a ‘starter checklist’ with us, this will be done when registering; we will send the information on this to the HMRC who will send us your tax code within a few weeks.